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Bhante Ananda / 17 / Vyra
Šri Lanka
I am 17 years old Sri Lankan buddhist forest meditating monk. I am meditating and protect celibacy for attain enlightenment/ liberation from suffering and samsara. I teach tranquility and insight meditations and Buddhism
이재호 / 17 / Vyra
저는 한국에 사는 학생입니다 미국과 일본을 좋아하고 일본인 미국인 여자친구를 사귀고 싶어요 문화고 알고 싶어요 꼭 연락두세요 사진은 이메일 보내주면 보여줄게요I am a student living in Korea. I like America and want to have an American or Japanese girlfriend. Please contact me!I want to know
Akiko Osato / 37 / Moteri
Hello I am Akiko.  I live in Japan.  I am studying English and want to have a conversation in English in the future.  I like Disney movies and the book often reads mystery.
Aya / 58 / Moteri
I am a native Japanese speaker, intermediate English, beginner Thai and introductory Korean and Chinese. I like K-POP, travel and studying language. I would like to meet someone with the same interests. I am married,
Amanda Strehle / 33 / Moteri
Meeting good and honest friend
joice / 44 / Moteri
I'm patisserie. My work is making some sweets I want to move another country,I need to have always sunny, Because I have heavy headache,the reason is rain and cloudy. I cant keep to live in japan these years So I
May / 17 / Moteri
Hello,Nice to meet you. Please call me "May". I am 17 years old,and a high school student two. I'm sorry,I'm so up and down that I may not be able to reply. I can lean you Japanese. I thinking join this site for I
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