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Selma Tabea / 16 /
Hey, my name is Selma. I am a 16 years old girl from germany, and i am looking for email excange in japanese. Because learning japanese is one of my biggest hobbys at the time. For now, I can just read the Hiragana and
Lihn / 35 /
Aloha I’m Lihn. I was born in Vietnam and raised up in Japan. Traveled to other countries. I have lived in Mainland, America and now I live in Hawaii. I love aromatherapymusic, Spiritual, nature, Crystal stones, art
Kuro / 21 /
Hi, I'm Kuro and a secondly college student now, in April I'm in the third grade. I want foreign friends and to know about foreign country.
Akisato Miyauchi / 21 /
Hello! My name is Akisato. Please call me Aki! I'm looking for a good friend to study English. I'm a college student in Japan and now 21 years old. I study Japanese history at college. I'd like you to correct my Engl
Lily / 21 /
Hello, my name is Lily. I am currently college student. I’m looking for a good friend to write to. I’m looking for someone to share our daily life, problems,stories and or pretty much anything. If you want to learn more
Hayato Yamada / 17 /
Hello! My name is Hayato. I'm seventeen years old. The reasons why I started this chat,I want speak English! So,if my English is wrong,please tell me the correct English.
Hina / 20 /
初めまして。20歳日本の和歌山に住んでいます。 名前は日菜です。 職場で英語を使う機会がおおいのですが、まったくしゃべれずこのままでは駄目だと思い言語交換してくださる方を探しています。 日本語は良ければお教えします☺ Hi, I live in Wakayama, Japan My name is Hina 20 years old Is interested in psychology There is a fa
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