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Sakura Yamashita / 14 / Ženski
Hi,my name is Sakura Yamashita. I’m 14 years old.I will soon be 15 years old.I want to talk to about 12-16 people. I’m junior high school student in Japan. I’m in the brass band club. I play the saxophone. I can play t
Rina / 39 / Ženski
Hi im rina here from korea 🌈🌟🐣🐤 Im practicing English and Japanese I wanna exchange language friends 皆さん こんにちは ここで お会いできて嬉しいですね😉 私は日本語の勉強中ですで もま だまだビギナーです🤗よろしくお願いします🍀🌸
scott / 50 / Muški
I am here to make some good friends and have decent conversations about me ...travels, culture, books, experiences etc. I enjoy reading, poetry, traveling, yoga, tarot, movies, music, meeting new people, learning about d
jessy / 32 / Ženski
I am here to seeking for a serious relationship that will last long and email pen pal around the world and also to make some good friends, have decent conversations about travels, culture, books, experiences etc. I enjoy
Toyoko Yoshimura / 50 / Ženski
こんにちは。 旅行が大好きですで、海外にもとても興味があります。 特に韓国が好きで、韓国語を勉強しています。 良かったら、声をかけて下さい。
SeongHo / 47 / Muški
안녕하세요~~만나서 반가워요. 나는 대한민국 울산에 거주하고 있습니다. 나의 취미는 그림그리기, 좋아하는 음악 반복해서 듣기 ㅎㅎ, 여행하기, 영화보기 입니다. 영어와 일본어에 관심이 많아서 펜팔사이트에 등록하게 되었습니다. 해외친구를 만나서 일상이야기와 진실된 이야기로 오랬동안 사귈수 있는 친구를 만나고 싶습니다. 나에게 메일을 보내주신다면 너무 행복할거 같아요~~Hello~~ Nice t
Toshi / 56 / Muški
Hello everyone. I’m learning english,and chines. Jtst call me Toshi! Let me introduce myself. I'm Japanese. I live in Japan. I like mountain climing and watching movie on the web site. I could  tell yo
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