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kuu / 15 / Moteri
LamboZed / 42 / Vyra
Centrinės Afrikos Respublika
Dating is a exhibit of passionate relationships in humans whereby two people make the acquaintance of socially with the wish of each assessing the other's suitability as a pending confederate in an intimate relationship.
Aki / 30 / Vyra
はじめまして!女性でも男性でも、どちらでも構いません! 友達になりましょう^^ Hi!I'm Aki. Please send message to me^^ 안녕하세요!저는 아키입니다. 처음 뵙겠습니다.여자도 남자도 괜찮아요! 메세지 보내세요~^^
Sakura Yamashita / 14 / Moteri
Hi,my name is Sakura Yamashita. I’m 14 years old.I will be 15 years old soon.I want to talk with about 12-16 years old  persons . I’m junior high school student in Japan. I’m in the brass band. And I play the saxophone.
Sayaka1973 / 46 / Moteri
Hello!I'm Sayaka.  I want to be able to speak a foreign language smoothly at work.Because I want guests coming to Japan to stay comfortably like their home country and to love Japan. Would you like to study together?!
Kuni / 33 / Vyra
Hi! I want to talk a lot of people, about hobby, work, and so on. But I am not good at English. So Please point out about my mail sentence. I  improve my English Skill.  At First, I write here about my profile. I live i
Prem Billotra / 26 / Vyra
I'm finding partner female rich one
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