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Guinter / 53 / Male
I am Guinter Hans from Germany i am 53 years old working in marine field i was once married and have a son, i am very hard working man and i dedicated my time to my profession, I am here to make friends all over the wor
Kei / 30 / Male
I'm from the Philippines. I'm Japanese half Philippines. I live in Hiroshima,Japan. There are many foreigners in Hiroshima. However, I do not get a chance to speak much English so it is not very good. I want to speak E
Nastya / 33 / Female
My name is Nastya, I am 33 years old ... I am in search of new acquaintances and people that will help me learn the language. This is very difficult to do alone. I am alone now.
Mamiko / 67 / Female
*I want to learn English and make many Friends     私は英語を学びたい。そしてたくさんの友人を作りたい。❣️ *My family is a husband.daughter.grandchild and a family four    私の家族は、夫、娘、孫、の4人家族です。👨‍👩‍👧‍👦 **Hove fun and be friends with your
charles / 59 / Male
Hello  My name is Mr.Charles Jackson ,from Albany Georgia USA , 59 years old . I work in building construction Atlanta Georgia USA.
tosi / 51 / Male
Hi everyone,I want to improv English,Russian,Chinese. and I want to make many friends. I can teach you japanese and Japan cluture.
Morris / 19 / Male
Hola soy un chico peruano, que necesita ayuda para aprender ingles, me gustaria conocer a alguien que pudiera ayudar yo podria ayudarles con su español si tienen algun problema. Ademas, puedo escuchar lo que deseen.
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